Chadormalu | چادرملو

Products of Chadormalu Mining and Industrial Co.

General Quality Of Chadormalu Products

Pellet Feed (Concentrate)67.5172.50.40.06≤0.030.350.45
Lump Ore62183 - 40.30.35≤
Sinter Feed (Fine Ore)60194 - 50.60.45≤

Physical Properties Of Products

ProductsPhysical Properties  
Pellet Feed (Concentrate)Grain Size80%Less Than 45 Micron
Blain Value1600 - 1700Cm2/gr
Bulk Density2.5Ton/m3
F~ 2.1% 
Bulk Density~1.5%Ton/m3

ProductsPhysical Properties  
Lump OreSize Structure6.3 - 31.5 mm90% by weight
Size Structure< 6.3 mmMax 5% by weight
Size Structure> 31.5 mmMax 5% by weight
Size Structure> 50 mm0% by weight

ProductsPhysical Properties  
Sinter Feed (Fine Ore)Size Structure< 6.3 mm92% by weight
Size Structure> 6.3 mm8% by weight
Moisture3 - 4 % 

ProductsPhysical Properties  
ApatiteP2O5~ 33%Less than 45 micron
No Data There is not any information...